Hudson River Water 2020

Hudson River Water 2020, video by Orin Buck
Video by Orin Buck.
Premiered in 
Works Created During the Lockdown Period
Saturday November 7 – Sunday December 20, 2020
WAH Center (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center) • 135 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
Part of the WWAATTEERR series

Premiere of "Mariana Trench" video

Mariana Trench by Benjamin Miller and Orin Buck

Friday March 2nd 8:00 pm
Ben Miller multiphonic guitar / vocal
Michigan premiere of MARIANA TRENCH; an audio-visual presentation w/videographer Orin Buck
@ Mexicains Sans Frontieres  120 Division Ave S, Apt 226 — Grand Rapids, MI $10 suggested donation, all ages

Detroit Premiere:
May 12, 2018 @ Trinosophes

Ben Miller multiphonic guitar / vocal
16 Mars @ Fotomat, Clermont-Ferrand, FR premiere of MARIANA TRENCH aussi avec Raphael Maze 16mm projection apres VIDEOFORMS festival
Saturday April 7 @ 118 GALLERY @ 118 Elliot St, Brattleboro, VT 05301 

Friday April 13
Ben Miller @ I Think it’s Open , Columbus, OH
Ben Miller multiphonic guitar, vocal, reel to reel -- premiering MARIANA TRENCH video by Orin Buck