Premiere of "Mariana Trench" video

Mariana Trench by Benjamin Miller and Orin Buck 

Friday March 2nd 8:00 pm
Ben Miller ( multiphonic guitar / vocal
Michigan premiere of MARIANA TRENCH; an audio-visual presentation w/videographer Orin Buck (
@ Mexicains Sans Frontieres  120 Division Ave S, Apt 226 — Grand Rapids, MI $10 suggested donation, all ages

Ben Miller multiphonic guitar / vocal
16 Mars @ Fotomat, Clermont-Ferrand, FR premiere of MARIANA TRENCH aussi avec Raphael Maze 16mm projection apres VIDEOFORMS festival 

Saturday April 7 @ 118 GALLERY @ 118 Elliot St, Brattleboro, VT 05301 

Friday April 13 concert @ It Looks Like It’s Open  

Mariana Trench is a collaborative effort between multiphonic guitarist Ben Miller ( and Videographer Orin Buck ( This work expresses the departure from the surface of the planet to the deepest location approx 36,000 ft. below sea level. Life forms exist near the “vents”, amazingly enough. The live premiere duration is 15'. Merchandise version duration is 19.5'

Miller's audio was recorded by Orin Buck at IBeam Studios Brooklyn NY 2009 as a journey to the deepest place in the oceans of Earth: The Mariana Trench. 


Two takes of a deconstructed Gibson Kalamazoo with 4 pickups in stereo, Casio SK1 8-bit sampling, Transistor Radio, various preparations, violin bow, eBow, several foot pedals. Recorded onto Tascam 38 1/2” analog 8-track deck. 

Buck's footage is shot entirely in New York City in a variety of locations 2010-2017: a visual journey to the darkest place of NYC.


Fish tank in a Chinatown restaurant window. Water in motion in the Hudson River, East River, New York Harbor, Central Park, Prospect Park, water fountain, bubbles in water in various vessels. The Christmas tree lights at the Citibank building in Manhattan. People walking in Grand Central Terminal. Skaters in Wollman Rink, Central Park. A view of Lower Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry. Terrance Lindall sitting in the collection of the Williamsburg Art &Historical Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Decorative sculptures made of trash at Maker Faire. Street scene of firefighters in the aftermath of a fire on E. 49 St., Manhattan. The beach at Dead Horse Bay (before Hurricane Sandy) with its collection of glass and other debris. Shots off a video monitor of fish and deep sea florescence in a TV documentary. Foam fake snow from a machine at a rock concert. Waves breaking on rocks on the shore of the Hudson River. The downtown skyline and the construction site of the new World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, 200 Vesey St. 

DVD $10 or USB Flash Drive $20 including 2 versions:

version 1: Full resolution Mariana Trench video artwork w/audio  

version 2: Both takes of Miller's studio performance superimposed over Mariana Trench video art

CDR (audio only) $5