See You Again @ WAH Center

Paintings, Videos, Photographs and Drawings by Orin Buck

May 19 – June 10, 2018

Special Closing Event: Music by Tintinnabulation and Special Guests, Sunday June 10, 4pm
featuring Sanae Maeda Buck

WAH Center, 135 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn

See You Again installation photo by Orin Buck
See You Again installation photo by Orin Buck
This came up very suddenly. Yuko Nii at the WAH Center found that she could make an open spot in the exhibition schedule just before we are leaving town, and is very generously hosting this big retrospective, plus Sanae performs on the closing day Sunday June 10 with Tintinnabulation. I hope all our New York friends can come to either the opening or the closing, because it will be difficult to have going away parties when we have so much to do. I have piles of art – my whole collection of art going back to the 1970s, we can't take it all with us and I have to throw out if no one wants it!