Dotspace (2008)

geometric algorithmic art

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This uses transparent PNGs so it can't be viewed properly on an older browser like Internet Explorer 6. Third in the new series of PHP/CSS/HTML alogorithmic art, this piece is recreated for your browser every few seconds according to the 'time per composition.' The dots come in just a few sizes and colors, but the background color is completely random.

Each browser is served individually, so each viewer gets a unique series of images.

The composition is meant to represent a type of abstract art that you may have seen before — dots deployed in a grid. As pleasant decorative art you might see something like this in a public space or on the page of an interior decoration magazine article. If people in need of such decoration used this piece on a large flatscreen monitor instead of a print or a painting, the boredom associated with looking at the same simple composition every day would be destroyed every few seconds. You can enjoy the discovery of a new composition repeatedly without having to commit to keeping it in your life. On the other hand, if you become attached to a particularly beautiful composition, consider that "Attachment to pleasure and ultimately to life itself as our inborn survival instinct, is the main type of misunderstanding that holds us prisoner in samsara." [Source ref.]