artMachine: Dot Spacescape

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Views from a distant universe where dots float like moons and planets in a subtle, placid ether.

The Dot Spacescape artMachine creates compositions out of a linear gradation background and discs which also have vertical gradations. The artMachine is an infinite loop that creates a new composition using random numbers at a set time interval. Each composition is a unique creation, never seen before.

The art-generating code of my new computer art project artMachine comes from my longtime interest in algorithmic composition. The graphics are generated randomly in HTML5’s <canvas> by a program I wrote in JavaScript that also incorporates jQuery. These works are in the Light Dreams series.

As a painter and photographer I’ve always been interested in 2D composition. I’ve found that relatively simple computer programs can produce compositions which are pleasing, and it only requires artistic exploration to find methods which are pleasing more often than not. I personally like lots of the compositions generated by artMachine. I enjoy most of the colors, which might be too many for standard tastes. More sophisticated color algorithms are to come.

Move your mouse to the bottom of the screen or touch the screen to access controls for fullscreen viewing, composition variations, and longer time intervals.


Here are some of the random compositions produced by Dot Spacescape.