Live Performance With Sanae Buck and Mieko Mitachi

Playing acoustic guitar and piano in a simple improvisation to accompany a dance performance.

Learning Guitar

Orin's Telecaster

My big news for 2017 is that I got a Telecaster. It was love at first sight and I've been practicing and finally picking up the study of chords and harmony that I left off when I was a teenager. more

Fist of Kindness

Fist of Kindness 2012 photo by Orin Buck
(L to R) David Gould (drums), Orin Buck (bass), Gary Heidt (guitar, vocals), Steven Dworkin (cello, accordion, vocals), Cassandra V Chopourian (trumpet, tenor guitar, vocals), Matt Metzgar (percussion, vocals), Richard Gross (banjo, vocals)

"literate Tom Waits-ish alt-country rockers"  - New York Music Daily

"an art rock ensemble masquerading as a country western band" - East End Beacon

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The Beast Within (2016)

Electric Objects (2015)

Tender Buttons: OBJECTS by Gertrude Stein (2015)

The Thirteen Repentances of the Pistis Sophia (2012)

Ponderin' (2011)

The Dead and the Powerless (2009)

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A film by Gary Heidt of an opera by Fist of Kindness composed on a text by Gertrude Stein, performed by Van Reipen Collective - directed by Gary Heidt. From an (almost) all-acoustic instrumental production at Theater for the New City, New York NY, Oct. 2 - 5, 2014. Orin Buck on guitarrĂ³n.

Fist of Kindness 2012

Fliers by Orin Buck


photo by dapone