Transfer of Intelligence premieres at Gershwin Hotel

Transfer of Intelligence video by Orin Buck, audio by Ben Miller
The Full Moon Audio Visual Series Event II
Sept. 23rd Thursday 8-10pm
The Gershwin Hotel
7 E. 27th St., NYC
curated by Ben Miller

Taking place in the rather mysterious backroom of The Gershwin Hotel, the second installment of The FMAV Series will reconvene for another distillation of lunar madness and human artistry in its mind-expanding expose of sensorial, sonic delights! Tonight’s show includes over 10 NYC premieres.

Franck Vigroux, Edward Quist/embryoroom, Orin Buck, Sascha Just, Laurence Miller, Pete Ayars, Valmonte Sprout, Frantz Loriot, Joseph Giacomin.

Live Sound Frantz Loriot / viola, and Ben Miller saxophone / analog synth. Both musicians will incorporate the sound-artists' bastion of tapes and electronics.

Live Performance and Dance: Valmonte Sprout (dance/movement)

BIOS for all participants for EVENT II:

“This film ‘serie’, a collaboration between Italian video artist Mariano Equizzio and French composer/musician/installation artist
Franck Vigroux, is a spooky dystopian sci-fi phantasia. The visuals mash up signature tropes from Ballard, Bladerunner, Alien, and the lo-tech FX generate an uncanny mood way beyond the hollow hyperreality of CGI. The soundtrack cuts from lower case to ultra hi-anxiety electronica.” - WIRE 2009 

Edward Quist is an American director, composer, multidiscipline artist who also works under the name Embryoroom. Themes emerging from Quist's work include electronic and biomorphic imagery, experimental narrative, the unorthodox use of motion graphics and mesmerizing visuals.

Orin Buck is a New York City-based multimedia artist working in videography, photography, computer art, painting, drawing and music. Throughout the 1980’s, Buck created algorithmic and other computer video "music/graphic" compositions with cheap home computers. Recent video works use point symmetry, layering, slow motion and other techniques to present a dense experience that is both sensual and repeatable. He also plays bass guitar with Fist of Kindness, and collaborates with others in documentation, video and performative works.

Filmmaker Sascha Just aka Fräulein Freytag: Before her jazz piece "Trip," Sascha Just wrote and directed the short film "Three," an exploration of the warped world of fairy tales, and the trilogy "Triangles" about the simplicities of love.  She is currently developing the tragicomedy "Lilli goes to Paradise." A native of Berlin, Sascha Just lives in New York. She is the Managing Editor of the New York based theater journal "Western European Stages," a columnist for the film journal "KinoKarate," and a freelance writer for "Nachtkritik" and "Theater Heute."  www.vimeo/SaschaJust

Since 2000, Filmmaker Laurence Miller has been producing award winning shoe-string budget videos in both Children’s categories and Experimental narratives. First and foremost a musician having written, recorded, and performed original music for over 30 years, Miller now puts forth nearly as much effort into film and watercolors. His films have been shown in several festivals with Lights Out winning first place for The Philo T. Farnsworth Central States Community Media Festival in 2005. Festival Director Ben Meade was so impressed that he flew Miller in where the film was shown at The Kansas International Film Festival that same year.

Photographer/Musician Pete Ayars first began his work in video-art during the late 90’s in Chicago. At this time, he was collaborating with Ben Miller and Dan Freed in the electronica-noise band; FLAW. Self-taught, using whatever audio software he could get his hands on, Ayars learned to manipulate sound that simulated the classic "hallucinogenic experience". As a visual artist, much like his sonic dreamscapes, Ayars routes several VHS outputs into a single mixer creating visual art “on the fly”. Employing found footage, irrelevant shots of his own and live tapes of FLAW, the result was often an astoundingly artistic headache.

Valmonte Sprout is a multimedia performance artist with an eclectic background in dance. She has studied jazz, modern, Butoh, and African dance throughout her life. Valmonte incorporates silent acting and visual storytelling into her uniquely atypical performances. She composes music for dance, creates experimental video and designs elaborate costumes. Valmonte has written, directed and performed in "Node be the Atlas," a multimedia play involving video projections, sound collage and dance.

French-Japanese violist/violinist Frantz Loriot was brought to improvisation by Régis Huby, Joëlle Léandre, Barre Phillips, David S. Ware and Marc Ducret. Loriot currently performs solo as well as in various ensembles ranging from rock to contemporary music by way of improvisation and electronics. He has contributed to multidisciplinary projects connected to poetry, cinema/video and dance with different companies in Paris. He has released several CDs sharing his time between Brooklyn, NY and Paris, France.

Joseph Giacomin uses thermal imaging cameras to reveal insights into the physicality and corporeality of people and things. Unlike black & white or colour photography, thermal photography captures the energy generated from within. It intuitively reveals life and motion, exploring beneath the surface to reveal the deep and the physical, rather than the transient and superficial. These images provide surprising and elegant insights into what the great philosopher Immanuel Kant once called the "things in themselves". Giacomin is a member of the Societá Italiana di Ergonomia, a Fellow of the UK Ergonomics Society (FErgS), and the International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration (IJVNV). 

     "If new expressionists closed their eyes and painted what they saw then Ben Miller must be taping shut his ears and playing what he hears…blood thrashing through arteries, nerves popping, synapses burning… Formerly a part of the 'anti-rock band' Destroy All Monsters, Miller takes the 'anti' idea a step further." — Detroit Metro Times > Miller has performed and given workshops at the following festivals; Sonic Circuits, MegaHZ, New York Eye & Ear, Megapolis, and the Buffalo Infringement Festival.